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Mental Health Essentials
for Coaches

knowledge and tools for athletic
teams & other student groups
  • 1-hour training for athletic coaches and PE/wellness teachers
  • Coaches will learn strategies to include mental health as part of the team’s culture, how to identify when athletes need referrals for mental health, how to manage mental health on the field/court, how to take care of their own mental health, and much more!
  • Available as
    • An in-person training by MHC trainers
    • A train-the-trainer model whereby the Athletic Director and/or Guidance Department are given all resources needed to implement the training in perpetuity
  • Delivered by experienced clinicians and coaches, offered virtually or in-person
  • Evidence-based

Our programs are backed by Mental Health America, The JED Foundation, National Academy of Health and Physical Literacy, and Massachusetts Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance

Our Mental Health Literacy programs are evidenced-based and have impacted thousands of people in 20+ countries over the past 16+ years.

To our knowledge, MHC is the only organization that provides comprehensive programs on all 4 components of Mental Health Literacy in the U.S. They are adapted from, the worldwide leading expert in MHL. All of our programs are inclusive, delivered by experienced clinicians and educators, and offered virtually or in-person.

What is Mental Health Literacy?

Explore the 4 components of Mental Health Literacy

Understand how to obtain and maintain good mental health
Understand and identify mental illnesses and their treatments
Decrease stigma
Enhance help-seeking efficacy

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