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May 15


a world without poets
is like a night without the moon in a lovers eyes
or perhaps like a day without the morning sunrise
waves without the tides
joy without the sorrows
winds without the breeze

ahh, poems are the expression of laughter and grief
names to emotions we need to speak, called feelings of kindness that matters
violence to end

a fresh breath of an exhaustively lung no more filled with fluids
a patient off the ventilator
a heart that pumps the blood of the body and gives meaning to follow your passions
a rhythm
and thrill of victory in a recovery patient
an embrace we longed after a quarantined year
the comfort we seek after
burning out syndrome

the creation of goodness and hope
and justice and peace
poets, healers of the soul

— Cerasela Shiiba

Cerasela finds writing poetry as a means of mental health promotion and wanted to share a poem she wrote in the promotion of health. She would like to thank her former teacher Joy Jacobson who touched her life with poetry, words that in psychiatry are so much needed.

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