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Let’s Talk About Mental Health: FREE Webinar for Hopkinton Residents

WHEN: March 4 (pt1), March 11 (pt2), 7-9pm
WHERE: Virtual (link sent upon registration)

Learn how to take better care of yourself, your loved ones and your community. During this live, virtual seminar, Dr. Denise Hildreth and Dr. Gail Waters will teach you how to become more mental health literate. Some of the topics covered:

  • How to optimize and maintain good mental health
  • Differences between mental illness and mental challenges
  • What are the major mental illnesses and their treatments
  • When to get help, how to get help, and what to expect when you get there

This is being offered free of charge to residents of Hopkinton, and donations are appreciated.

Every parent with a middle school child should be required to take this course. Just as childbirth classes are a rite of passage, this training needs to be a rite of passage to have teens. I am a much better parent since taking this course!

– Anonymous, community member, mother of teens